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Table Manager software update coming!
The Society of Actuaries has decided that future maintenance of the tables database will make use of the XtbML file format for each table, rather than the binary format used by the Table Manager software, versions 3.0 and prior. To accommodate this direction, version 4.0 of the table manager software is under development with expected release in June 2011. Version 4.0 will include the popular Excel add-in that enables the user to include table values within Excel formulas, obtaining values directly from the database and eliminating the need to copy table values into a worksheet. This same capability has been provided in the Excel add-in version 3.0, but that version works with the older binary format of the database and does not work with XtbML.
The remainder of this page refers to the old version 3.0 of the table manager, which we will continue to make available until version 4.0 is ready for release.
To access the mortality and morbidity tables, you will need to download and install a very easy-to-use table manager software program and its accompanying databases. (If you are currently using Table Manager 2.0, for best results uninstall Table Manager 2.0 and make sure any Table Manager entries have been removed from the registry.)
What's new in version 3.0
Version 3.0 of the table manager program is designed for any 32-bit version of Windows (Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000 or XP). New features in version 3.0 include the ability to filter the list of tables by country of origin and intended usage, and a utility to graphically compare values in two tables. In addition, over one hundred new tables have been added to the database, mostly from outside North America. The new tables are the result of a project recently undertaken by the International Section.
In the past there have been four separate databases for the table manager. With the new ability to filter by country and usage, it is easier for the user to deal with a very large number of tables in one database. Therefore all of the databases have been merged into one.
The binary file format of the database had to be expanded to include the new information on country of origin and intended usage of each table. Version 3.0 is capable of using either the new or old format of database, but any user updates to a database automatically result in conversion to version 3.0 format. There is a utility in the Table Manager to convert a version 3.0 database to version 2.0 format for compatibility with other software if needed.
Table Manager Program
The Table Manager Program version 3.0 is a stand-alone program for viewing, modifying, and creating tables in electronic form. The program comes with its own installation routine. To install, unpack the TM30.ZIP file to a temporary directory and run the setup.exe program. (Note: The setup.exe file appears when tm30.zip is unzipped.) The setup program creates a program group Start Menu for future use.
The install program for version 3.0 includes a copy of the complete tables database. The database is installed in the same directory as the program is installed, and is named TABLES.DAT.
Users of earlier versions of the Table Manager may wish to change their preferences (under the File | Preferences menu) to make the new database load by default at startup. Before that is done, users can load the new database using the File | Select Database. menu item. The name of the selected database should appear in the main title bar of the program window.
Excel Add-in
The Excel add-in provides the capability to manage a database of actuarial tables from within Excel and includes spreadsheet functions to retrieve table values. To install, unzip the file in a directory of your choosing and then use the Excel File Open command to open TABLESDB.XLL. A 32-bit version of Excel is required (Excel Win95 Version 7.0 or higher).
Version 3.0 of the add-in adds the same ability as the stand-alone table manager to filter the list of tables by country and intended usage. Also, a new spreadsheet function has been added to retrieve the name of a table given the table number.
The tables database is not included in TMADDIN3.XIP, so it must be downloaded separately.
Tables Database
The list of all tables in the complete database is in qx_tables.txt, which can be viewed online. The remaining table manager program and its accompanying database are all zipped and must be unzipped with a utility program before using. For instructions on unzipping, click here.
Users are advised to check the published reference given with each table before relying on the values. Many of the tables have not been double-checked.
Discrepancies should be reported to customerservice@soa.org
The Table Manager Program Version 3.0 and the Table Manager Excel Add-in are copyrighted by Steve Strommen, FSA, MAAA, who has provided the software for free distribution by the Society of Actuaries. The accompanying databases are a project of the Computer Science Section, the International Section, and other volunteers. If you need additional background information on published sources for the tables, please contact Jack Luff, SOA Experience Studies Actuary. All other inquiries should be directed tocustomerservice@soa.org
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